Course Testimonials

You're out of your senses (queue fits of laughter) if you don't take this course

by S W Millar

The Anatomy of Prose: The Senses was a worthwhile investment and completely blew my mind. I'll never think about, or write about, the senses in the same way again. If you want to learn how to deepen your descriptions, power up your prose and supercharge your sensory imagery, then you need to buy this course right now. From filtering to foreshadowing, and subversion to the importance of smell sense, Sacha's got you covered. As for those of you thinking, I've tried video courses and they don't work for me, no excuses. Don't like video, download the audio. Prefer to read, then get the transcripts. Sacha's work never disappoints and I can't recommend this course highly enough.

Learn How to Improve Your Prose!

Yanni Jade

★★★★★ Yanni Jade, Dark Fantasy writer "In partnership with Sacha Black's Anatomy of Prose Craft Book and Workbook, this course is perfect for people like me who are more visual and learn through sight and sound—see what I did there? Each lesson will focus on an individual sense and teach you to use them effectively in your writing. You'll learn how psychology and science combine with emotions and visceral reactions as well as how to pour that into your Prose. Jazzing up your manuscripts with all the whiff, crackles and delicious details you can help your work come alive and reach the next level. Sacha's humour and knowledge are the perfect learning combination. This course is for everyone regardless of whether you already own copies of her craft books 13 Steps to Evil, 10 Steps to Hero and The Anatomy of Prose—nothing is wasted in this masterclass. For those of you that are new to Sacha Black's deliciously rebellious work, what are you waiting for? Jump in, join this course and learn how to improve your Prose."